Check Out These Beautiful Paintings Of Haida Gwaii At The Smithers Art Gallery

Maryanne Wettlaufer’s work is on display until May 7.

Maryanne Wettlaufer has long been inspired by the “magical landscapes” of Haida Gwaii and the Indigenous peoples who’ve called the area home for thousands of years.

The B.C. painter has a new exhibition of acrylic paintings at the Smithers Art Gallery inspired by her experiences there over the past decade or so.  

“My lifelong approach to art-making has always been led by a desire to adventure into nature,” Wettlaufer explains on her website

“Over 15 years ago my adventures led me to Haida Gwaii. Here I find inspiration in both the raw and wild landscape as well as the Haida people who continue to live passionately, unequivocally connected to the land,” she says. 

Her show runs until May 7. “You won’t want to miss seeing her bright, vibrant acrylic paintings,” the Smithers Art Gallery says in a Facebook post.  

Written by The Skeena

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