Huge Turbine For Site C Dam Spotted On The Highway West Of Terrace

‘That’s the largest item I’ve seen.’

They don’t call him “Scoopeddad Drone” for nothing. 

In the news business when you make something noteworthy public it’s called a “scoop.”

And that’s what the local drone operator did the other day.

While driving west of Terrace he came across a huge turbine for the Site C dam project.

The operators were “waiting for the night so they could transport it through town.”

Scoopeddad Drone got out his drone and started filming it during the daylight. 

His new video is truly a sight to behold.

“Was that a water turbine for a dam, or was it steam?  That’s the largest item I’ve seen transported by far. Where did it originate and where was it going?” one viewer asked.

“Water Turbine,” Scoopeddad Drone replied. “Not 100% sure but made in Europe somewhere and heading to Fort St. John area. Way up north.”

Written by The Skeena

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