Watch The Music Video For Smithers’ Latin Artist Alex Cuba

Cuba recorded his new album in his living room.

Some people have spent the pandemic binge-watching Netflix. Alex Cuba recorded an amazing new Latin album in the living room of his home in Smithers.

“This year of the pandemic, you know, has left me with something beautiful inside of me. I now believe that magic can happen anywhere music-wise,” Cuba recently told CBC.

Cuba’s new album, which is called Mendó, is now available on streaming services. Cuba explained to the Interior News that “Mendo’ in Cuban means essence or soul, where this album comes from.”

The award-winning Skeena artist worked with musicians from all over the world.

“I walked away with six collaborations on the album, six duets, you know, from Lila Downs in Mexico, to Gian Marco in Peru, to Raul Midon in New York,” Cuba said.

Cuba has released an awesome new music video for the song “I Think of You” along with the album. Check it out here.

Written by The Skeena

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