Watch This ‘Fascinating’ Video To See How Nisga’a Process Eulachon Grease

‘Really neat,’ says Skeena MP.

A few weeks ago Skeena Strong published a popular video shot by Cole Morven of a Nisga’a fishery bay crew taking in a big haul of eulachon. But that was only step one. Morven has now uploaded a new video of how grease from the eulachon is actually processed.

“Absolutely fascinating,” one commenter on the video says. “It is incredible how clear the grease is! I am assuming this is white grease. Wonder what  difference in the process is done to create white versus gold grease?”

Morven, who works for the Nisga’a Fisheries and Wildlife Department replied that, “from what I gathered is the time of the cook and how long they sat. Some prefer white and some prefer golden. Depends.”

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Taylor Bachrach is also a fan of the new video. 

“For anyone who hasn’t witnessed the Nisga’a process of processing oolichan grease, I encourage you to check out the video series Cole Morven has posted on her YouTube channel. It’s really neat to see all steps in the process,” he posted recently on Facebook. 

Written by The Skeena


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