Get To Know The Candidates Running For Smithers Mayor And Council

The vote is on Oct 17.

Candidates Running For Smithers Mayor

On October 17, Smithers will get a new mayor and a city councillor and there are six candidates trying to get your vote in the by-election. Let’s meet them!

For Mayor:

Gladys Atrill:

Gladys Atrill

“For over 20 years, my working life has been primarily focussed on promoting this town and its tourism opportunities. I have had the great privilege of serving on Smithers Town Council for the past six years including the last year as acting mayor,” Atrill tells the Interior News. 

Joe Bramsleven:

Joe Bramsleven

“I’m running because I think it’s time for a different outlook in Smithers. I’m just a regular guy to help make a difference in our town. I have lived here for pretty much my whole life and I love this town…I’m not a politician and I don’t have all the answers but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make Smithers better than it already is,” he says in a Facebook video. 

For City Council

Mika Meyer:

Mika Meyer

“I am a dedicated business owner, mother and active member of the community running as a council candidate in the Smithers by-election. I will bring my business experience, diverse representation and ideas and will advocate for the inclusion of all,” she says on her Facebook page. 

Sam Raven:

Sam Raven

“I will work hard to advocate for safe & affordable housing, so that every resident has the opportunity to not just work in Smithers, but also be able to live and play. I will listen and actively communicate with community members & organizations about town projects and explain the rationale behind my decision making process,” she explains on her campaign site. 

Colin Bateman:

Colin Bateman

“Serving our community since 2009 from Board member to President with the Smithers Chamber and General Manager of the Aspen Inn. If elected I look forward to the challenge of protecting your Tax Dollars,” he says on his Facebook page. 

Randy Bell:

Randy Bell

“I’m an adamant supporter of free speech. I’m anti-socialism, I think it’s a terrible ideology, I don’t buy the climate alarmism, I don’t buy higher taxes, I don’t want bigger government, I want smaller government,” he says in a recent interview.  

Written by The Skeena

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