Watching This Video On Local Skeena Businesses Will Make You Feel Proud To Live Here

When you buy locally you aren’t just supporting small businesses, you’re supporting the entire community.

That’s the message of a charming new video from Live Love Local Northwest BC, a campaign celebrating the “unique regions, cultures, businesses, services and entrepreneurs” that make the Skeena such a great place to live.  

Featuring beautiful footage of landscapes and people from across the region, the video persuasively makes the case for buying from local businesses rather than larger and more impersonal chains.

“If you can get the money to recirculate in the community over and over and over again that’s a healthy economy,” the video explains. “It’s really important to shop local just to show the rest of the businesses that ‘I care about you, you care about me and we’re working together to build something.’”

If you didn’t already, this video will make you feel proud to live here.

“When you go away, when you travel, people say ‘where are you from? And you say Northwest B.C. and you say it with pride,” the video says. 

Why? “Because there is everything here you could possibly need.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

Written by The Skeena

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