Want To Be A Better Writer? Watch This How-To Guide From A Houston Expert

Ann Marie Hak used to be a journalist at the Houston Today.

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you have an idea for an amazing story that you want the world to hear, you can’t stop talking about it to friends and family and then you sit down to write it and end up staring at an empty page.

There’s no doubt about it, writing is hard. But luckily a storytelling expert from Houston has created a new video filled with tips that can make it a little easier. 

“This workshop is to inspire you to tell your story, to discover what is possible for you and what it means to be an authentic storyteller,” says Ann Marie Hak, who used to be a journalist at the Houston Today.

She’s also a writer and voice actor and we promise that if you watch her video it will definitely improve your writing and storytelling skills. The “informational and funny video” runs as part of the CICK Podcast & Broadcast Workshop Series.

Written by The Skeena

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