Watch This Viral Video From Smithers Of The Dirtiest Doggy Ever

He sure loves playing in the mud.

There are many reasons to love dogs but cleanliness isn’t necessarily one of them.

Case in point: a new video from Smithers showing an adorable dog named Whiskey literally shoving his face into a puddle of mud.

“My dog Whiskey loves to dig holes in the river mud and pull up whatever he finds in the hole, Usually roots and sticks and mud,” says the dog’s owner in a statement to ViralHog, a viral video platform that recently posted the Smithers video.  

“Unlike most dogs he’ll even cover his eyes in mud,” the owner explains. “The end result of this was him spitting some mud out and shaking off and going in for another round of many in the mud hole that day.”

The video already has over 10,000 views. “I’m doing my beauty routine,” joked one commenter. “Mud bath and facial.”

Written by The Skeena

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