Watch A Japanese Mountain Biker Get ‘Sketchy’ Riding Near Smithers

Yuka Abe is a popular YouTuber living in a van.

Yuka Abe is married to a Canadian and lives full-time in a van. The Japanese mountain biker recently took a trip to Smithers and documented the experience on YouTube. 

She loved it. 

“There are so many interesting features and they are all one of a kind! A skinny waterfall, a plane drop, and a very very sketchy step-up! This is a great playground,” she explains

“That trail is crazy,” one commenter writes. “I wish we had something like that here where I live.”

Don’t let Abe’s small size or whimsical narration fool you. She’s a serious rider, at one point hitting a huge gap that looks like a “black hole.” 

“That was a bit sketchy,” she says laughingly. Watch the full video here

Written by The Skeena

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