Take A Moment To De-stress With This Blissful Video Of Skeena River Kitesurfers

That looks like fun.

Between uncertainty about the future of salmon, rising COVID cases thanks to the Delta variant and extreme weather and wildfires linked to climate change, there’s a lot to worry about these days in the Skeena. 

But sometimes it’s good to put those worries aside and take a moment to appreciate the amazing place we call home. 

That could even be as simple as watching this new two-minute video from Northcoast Drone, which captures kitesurfers on the Skeena River during a perfect summer day.

“During a trip to Terrace we stopped to see these folks playing with the wind,” he explains

“​​Dude,” writes one viewer, “what a great day to capture this. Keep up the great work.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

Written by The Skeena

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