Watch This Weirdly Fascinating Real-Time Video Of A Rupert Crab Trap

We dare you to watch the whole hour and twenty minutes.

A couple weeks ago we did a story about Dustin Porter, a popular YouTube traveller who recently spent some time in the Skeena. In one of his videos he pulls in a huge haul of local Dungeness near Prince Rupert. 

Porter is now back with the update we didn’t think we needed: a nearly hour and half video of raw footage taken underwater inside the crab trap.

“I can’t believe how many people have been asking for the complete crab trap video, but I’m not surprised,” he explains. “I watched through the whole thing, and it is truly fascinating.” 

Porter’s not kidding. The video has nearly 2,000 views already. “These underwater shots turned out really cool and interesting,” he says. 

“Awesome, loved it,” writes one commenter. “Can’t believe I just watched the whole thing.”

Written by The Skeena

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