Watch This Terrace Local Grow 2kg Of Potatoes In A Rubbermaid Tote

Check out her ‘potato journey.’

Last year a Terrace resident decided to conduct a food experiment. Could she successfully grow potatoes inside a 68L Rubbermaid tote? 

The answer, as this new step-by-step video of her “potato journey” shows, is “yes”–2 kg of potatoes to be precise.

“I planted in the end of May, harvested in September,” YouTube user Green Skills writes in a description of the video. “It was a wet summer, so I didn’t need to water the soil at all, but in a dry season you will have to.”

The video shows how she used organic potting soil, sea soil and a sprinkling of Bonemeal to add phosphorus. Within 24 hours green leaves were already sprouting from the soil, and after two months the tote was overflowing with foliage. 

In the end she got a pretty decent harvest. “What do you think?” Green Skills writes. “Is it worth it to grow them in totes or not?” You can let her know by commenting on the video.

Written by The Skeena

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