What Do You Think About A New Wind Power Project In The Hecate Strait?

BC accepting public comments for proposed project until Jan 27.

Offshore wind power and energy farm with many wind turbines on the ocean. Sustainable electricity production

[This story originally appeared on The North Coast Review, a blog based in Prince Rupert that contains “items of interest to those living on the North Coast of BC.”] 

Those with an interest in the plans for development of wind energy in the Hecate Strait area have nine more days to offer up any comments that they may have for a proposal from Northern Power BC.

The current application for licence is for investigative activities related to a site along what is called the Dogfish Banks of Hecate Strait off the east coast of Northern Haida Gwaii.

In the application details listings it’s noted that the total project area requested is ~4410.21 hectares and is offshore, accessible only by boat. The meteorological mast is the only infrastructure proposed at this time. Northland Power has obtained ownership of all previously completed studies on the site as well. Northland power wishes to continue investigative activities in the area, and explore the potential for a future windpower development application.

As part of the eleven pages of documentation on its proposal, Northland Power, which is a Canadian energy development company, outlines some of its successes in the field of offshore wind development and the opportunity it believes is available in the area under study.

The proposal comes after Northland Power acquired Oceanic Wind, which was formerly known as Naikun. Northland has chosen to make their own application for a licence of occupation to allow them to provide further details towards their approach for working with the Haida Nation.

The documentation for their application can be reviewed here. You can learn more about the proposal and submit a comment if desired from the BC Government information page

The comment period will come to a close on January 27.

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