As Protesters In Smithers Decry Masks, A Man In Hazelton Is Grateful COVID Didn’t Kill Him

‘My girlfriend and I can’t go a day without crying,’ Harry Good says of surviving COVID.

Source: Facebook / Harry Good

The people who protested against masks and other coronavirus-fighting measures in Smithers over the weekend say they are sick of being inconvenienced. 

“We are tired of unnecessary line ups due to store occupancy restrictions,” said Rod Taylor, who ran as a candidate for the Skeena riding in the recent provincial election with the Christian Heritage Party of BC. “We disagree with economic lockdowns.”

But as the protesters, many of them who drove in for the event, walked through downtown carrying signs with slogans like “No Fear, No Masks”, a much different message about the coronavirus was being broadcast from Hazelton. 

“You take your worst flu and you add it by thousands, and that’s how bad it gets,” Harry Good said of his experience battling for his life after contracting COVID.

Good, who was in good health before getting the coronavirus in November, has been describing his long recovery through a series of Facebook videos that have attracted thousands of views. 

“My girlfriend and I can’t go a day without crying or feeling appreciative of each other because when I was in there [in the hospital], I was so scared for her, my son, and my kids for them to end up the way I ended up,” he said.

These days, Good, who estimates he lost over 30 pounds, is grateful to be alive.  In a Facebook post yesterday, he wrote the following moving and poetic words:

“I am wondering who I spoke to when I was in the hospital,
I don’t remember doing my video calls.
I don’t remember talking to anybody.
I wonder if it was the drugs I was on or the lack of oxygen.
I love you all.
I miss you guys.
I can’t wait to see you.”

Good recently added a new profile picture: in it he’s wearing a mask. 

Written by The Skeena

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