Alberta Tories Want To Kill Tanker Ban on B.C. North Coast

Skeena MP Bachrach Says Back Off

Oil Tanquer

Several Conservative MPs from Alberta are trying to build support for a private member’s bill that would repeal the North Coast tanker ban that was passed by Canada’s Senate last year. 

“It has held back this country’s economic development, this country’s environmental development and this country’s social development,” Calgary-Centre Conservative MP Greg McLean said on Monday in the House of Commons. “Undoing this is very important for the country.”

“Getting a pipeline to the coast,” he went on, “is essential.”

The bill was tabled late last month by another Albertan, Edmonton-Centre Conservative MP James Cumming. Currently it has little chance of becoming law. 

Skeena MP Taylor Bachrach believes it should stay that way. 

“For the people of the Northwest, this issue has been settled for decades. I’m looking to my colleagues in the House to recognize that fact once again and vote down this bill,” Bachrach said.

Bachrach asserts: “Suffice to say, while there are many other pressing issues facing us right now, I have no doubt that if need be, the people of Northwest BC will rise up once again to defend our coast.”

What do you think? Do you side with the Skeena MP, or the MPs from Alberta? 

Written by The Skeena

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