Where To Order A Local Skeena Chicken–And Learn How To Butcher It

One thing you’ll need is a sharp knife.

Source: Skeena Valley Farm Facebook Page

Think your last few months have been wild? Try raising 1,500 heritage meat chickens. 

That’s what Skeena Valley Farm, a Gitxsan business dedicated to “free range, healthy heritage meat chickens”, has been doing through rain and shine these past few months.

“Well it’s been a crazy first summer,” reads a recent post on its Facebook. “We have worked very hard to produce a healthy and local alternative for people in the Skeena Valley.”

The farm will be doing some of its first deliveries this Saturday. “We are still accepting orders but they are selling quickly,” it warns. People who want a taste of these “incredible” chickens are being asked to email [email protected]

Once your chicken arrives, tune into Facebook this Sunday for a live class about how to butcher it. “We will walk you through each step of the chicken processing and you can post questions or share your techniques as we go,” Shannon McPhail writes on the event page.  

She has a few tips for how to prepare: get something to package the chicken in, find a clean working space and make sure you have a sharp knife. If you’re planning to make soup out of the carcass, which is highly recommended, grab an onion, carrot, celery and other stock ingredients beforehand. 

Check out the event post for a full ingredient list and further details. 

Written by The Skeena

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